Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer 88 eye shadow palette

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Item: Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer 88 eye shadow palette

Price:  NORMAL PRICE: RM89.00( each ) HARI RAYA PROMO: RM80.00

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Average Rating: 4.1
74% would buy this product again

''I seriously have nothing bad to say about this palette. It is so awesome. It was only 19.95 on and well worth it. You such a range of colors and all shimmer i am in heaven. These colors are so so pigmented to and i find them easy to blend with. If you are just starting out in your makeup collection this is a good palette to get because you have all the colors you need to create so many looks with. It has anything from good highlight colors to neutrals to pinks purples greens blues orange yellow. You name it its in here. And when you think about it 20 dollars is not that much cosidering you are getting 88 different colors that is an awesome deal and to top it off these are great quality.. I recommend this palette 100 percent wether you are just starting out or just to add to your collection if you do not have it already it is an awesome palette to have.''

''This is a lovely palette! Since it's named the 88 Ultra Shimmer palette I was expecting the colours to be ultra shimmery, even more so than the Metal Mania Palette. I am glad the eyeshadows don't look too shimmery on my NC44 skin. I do notice that some of the shadows have less pigmentation than others. However, there are so many nice colours in this palette that are nicely pigmented it makes up for the ones that are not as nicely pigmented! The green shades are well represented, with so many greens available. If you are a green eyeshadow lover I think you will be happy with this palette. There are also some nice gold toned shadows, and bronzes. So many options! I've discovered using a small amount of Urban Decay Primer Potion and then applying my MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre or Painterly on top of UDPP seems to really help these shadows stay on 10 + hours on my oily lids.''

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So..i HAVE to talk about this palette! Mainly because i use it everyday because its amazing!There are 88 beautiful eye shadows in this palette and a huge variety of color. I bought this one year ago, and have probably used it 330 days out of the year! Thats alot! Its very handy to just keep in your bathroom and grab and have 88 colors to choose from every morning..and takes less space then having a ton of individual eye shadows laying around! I would highly recommend this to anyone thats just getting into makeup cause its very easy to work with!

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