NYX Jumbo eyeshadow Pencil

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 Item: NYX Jumbo eyeshadow Pencil

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Price: NORMAL PRICE: RM14.90 each HARI RAYA PROMO: RM12.50 each

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1. Reviews:
a) Makeupalley.com
''Since I first started wearing makeup I have always been a fan of this product. The eyeliners go on so smooth and they actually show up the color that they are supposed to be which is always a plus. They are so rich and creamy and they just glide on over my eye lids. I use them to line my top and bottom and they look beautiful and are a great enhancer to your eye makeup (your eyes will "pop"). Aside from eyeliners NYX also have Jumbo Eye Pencil's in various colors, I own one in Milk and I absolutely love it. I use it as an eye shadow base on my eye lid and it helps my eye shadows from creasing and they go on more vibrant and last all day. Whenever I wear NYX eyeliners I never have to worry about having to reapply them during the day in the morning when I put my face on I'm good and I can concentrate on my important things during the day instead of my makeup.

NYX's eyeliners are very slim and trim; there are 40 different gorgeous colors from Sea foam Green to Black Glitter. Divas there is a color for everyone their colors range from neutral colors to the bold and dramatic just depends on your style. The creamy long-wearing formula goes on easily and resists bleeding. I love to wear these eyeliner during the summer because I do not have to worry bout the bleeding, running, or melting they stay on all day long. My NYX collection is small but continuously grow they have so many colors to choose from and they are NOT expensive at all. Remember ladies you can look like a millions bucks without spending a million bucks. I will probably always wear NYX eyeliners because hands down they are the BEST. Below I will show you my NYX eyeliners that I have purchased over the years; I hope you all enjoy and that this review was helpful for those looking for new makeup products to try.''

''Best 2 dollars I've ever spent. This is one of those very few drugstore products that is actually better than mac quality, it's so much more pigmented than a mac shadestick. This could be one of the bets makeup products on the market.''

''I originally got this for when i need a tiny bit of white in the corners of my eyes or other places in complicated eye makeup looks. Then I was on YouTube and I saw a tutorial where the lady used it over primer as a shadow base! I tried this and it is amazing. This sandwiched between primer and shadow is perfect. The shadow colors are so much bolder....even more so than when primer is used by itself. You need to make sure to put some on the lid and then blend it all the way up and in with your finger. If this creases on you, try that. Don't rub it on straight from the pencil from lashes to brows because that is too much. The key to cream products is to blend. But anyway, I will deff repurchase. I plan to use this every time I do eyeshadow!''

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a) Taken from:http://www.beautynewbie.com
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b) Taken from: http://productrater.blogspot.com
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c) Taken from: http://www.makeupgeek.com
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