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Brushes that are usually this cheap are not of good quality at all. But I was surprised about how well all the brushes worked.
This set has 3 duo brushes with 6 uses. When I bought mine from CVS, they were giving an additional eyeshadow brush. There is the concealer and foundation duo. The blush and powder duo, and the blender and eyeshadow duo.
The ones I use the most are the concealer & foundation duo and the blush & powder duo. It does not shed or cause liquid foundation to streak. The brushes are soft and easy to use. I use the concealer brush for my undereyes and it spreads the concealer evenly. It works well on the inner corners of the eyes.
Even though the powder brush is small, it works okay to spread loose powder all over my face. I only need to "dip" it in my powder once. The blush duo is slightly angled and disperse the right amount of color.
The only thing that I do not like is the eyeshadow brush. I find that it is too large for my Asian eyes, and I find it disperse too much product.
Overall, I am very satisfied with this set. It's worth every cent!

b)I have just purchased these makeup brushes, so my review is from only a few days of experience with them. BUT...
They are Amazing!
-The Foundation brush is so soft and doesn't let you waste any makeup. It is easily my favourite out of the set.
-The concealer brush is wonderful, perfectly blends concealer into the skin, I only use tiny amounts of concealer, but I love the final result.
-The Blending brush is great, provides a really nice finish, and it is SO soft, it feels like your pampering your face every time you use it.
-The Powder brush is pretty petite in size  however, it takes a good amount of powder to my face without over-doing it.
-The Blusher brush is perfect, applys the exact amount of blush required for my makeup, and contours in a circular motion with ease.
-And finally, the Eye Shadow brush...I don't think I will use this one as much, because I hardly ever wear Eye Shadow, but I tested it out on my eye lids and it's also incredibly soft and seems like it'd be very re-usable and washable.
None of my brushes have shredded yet, and I would Absolutely buy these again.
You have to lay them flat because they are duo brushes. But I don't mind as I do that anyway.
I can't believe the appaling texture and application of the drugstore brushes I was using previously, they were so rough and gave me a terrible finish. You don't realise what you were missing, until you try these E.o.B Brushes  Love them.

Full review on every brush in detail.

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