Milani MINERALS BLUSH Powder Blush

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Item: Milani MINERALS BLUSH Powder Blush

Shade: Luminous

Price: RM25.80


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''Lovely coral pink with golden sheen good for any occasion.
Oh how I miss thee, Milani Luminous. I bought it at CVS because I heard it's a Nars Orgasm dupe ; have never owned that famed blush so I don't know if it really is a cheap duplicate of Orgasm, but I loved this cheap blush nonetheless. It lasts fairly well on your cheeks for drugstore blush. And the color is just so lovely!
Wish I have stocked up on it, because I can't find any Milani product in Korea.''

''Milani Luminous is my first venture into blush, and I must say...
I'm not 100% sure what my skin type is. I know it's not cool, but it's not totally warm, either, so it might be warm-neutral, if that makes any sense. Either way, I'm pretty fair. Because of that, I was scared that this blush, and blush in general, would make me look like a four year-old who got into her mommy's makeup kit. Instead, I found that when applied with a relatively light hand, it's incredibly gorgeous. The peachy-pinkiness just lights up my face and makes me look fresh and awake. I adore the gold shimmer, which I find neither too heavy nor completely unnoticeable.
In terms of the packaging, since this is my first real blush, I don't really know what good blush packaging is supposed to be like. It comes packaged with a compact mirror and a decent brush, and it's small and portable, so it's all good enough for me.
The only qualm I have with this blush is its staying power. I find that I need to re-apply it a couple times throughout the day, but it's nothing to get upset about. It takes five seconds to put blush on my face. No biggie. ^^
All in all, I love the crap out of this blush, and I hope it never gets discontinued, because I don't feel like hunting down another peach-pink blush with gold shimmer that isn't thirty dollars. It's cheap, decent quality, convenient and portable. <3 you, Milani!''

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